Make the fan fast/slow with your TV remote.
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Make your ordinary fan remote controlled in three easy steps.
Install the GoQick Fantrol on your ceiling fan
Press the buttons by which you wish to control the fan
Restart the fan
Done. Your Fan is ready to 'GoQick'

New Elegent Design

The 'GoQick Fantrol' is finally ready with its new look. It has been carefully designed to make sure that it blends smoothely and improve the appearance of your ceiling fan.

Fits directly on the fan

Fits easily directly on top of the ceiling fan. Easy to install on most brands and types of ceiling fans.

Universal IR

compatible with most types and brands infrared remote controls.

Numerical Display

The speed of fan can be seen on the fan itself.

Flipping Button

Sometimes switchboard is easier than a remote.
To manually change the fan's speed, Just flip the power button
Hum free


Hum free fan regulation technology.

Use any remote you have

No Special Remote

Stop adding more remotes to your life. Use what you already have, like a TV remote.

Lock feature

Locked when not Needed

GoQick won't get triggered accidently when you are using the remote for the TV.

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